Welcome to Autism Adventures Abroad! My name is Alex Stratikis, I am an autistic traveler who founded Autism Adventures Abroad in 2021. Come with me on my journeys and learn more about the world through the autistic lens. 


Having completed my first solo trip in 2014, I resumed traveling in 2019 after completing my undergraduate degree at university. I realized over time that there was little in the way of support initiatives for neurodivergent individuals and that traveling was a minefield of uncertainty and stress related situations. The travel, tourism and hospitality sectors are rapidly improving, yet still have a long way to go to be able to meet the needs of autistic individuals.


The aim of Autism Adventures Abroad is twofold: 

  • To encourage young autistic adults to travel by sharing my personal journey, insights, hints , tips – as well as practical advice. Whilst also spotlighting examples of best practice in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, in relation to initiatives developed to enable neurodivergent individuals to travel/visit with confidence that their needs will be met, and staff will be understanding and supportive. 


  • To work with the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors to advise and support them via consultancy work, workshops, talks, seminar and conference inputs and an ongoing series of blogs on the Autism Adventures Abroad website and guest articles in several travel and disability magazines, to review and improve their accessibility offering to attract and support neurodivergent adults – a huge untapped customer base. 

I work towards these aims through a range of activities and interventions. I write blogs about my experiences for my own website and for other people’s websites too, I also write articles for travel and disability magazines, participate in Q&A sessions, Facebook Live sessions and other events I have been invited to participate in. 


I also write reviews for tourist attractions, guest accommodation, transportation and other related travel and tourism experiences, writing from my own autistic perspective but also with a view to guiding businesses on what they are doing well and what can be improved. I also participate in invited events, such as accessibility reviews. 


I know I cannot speak for everyone who is autistic, we are as individual as every other person on this planet but, I hope whoever you are, you find my posts informative and enjoyable, and you get to know me and my autistic perspective of this amazing world we live in.


If you want to discuss a commission or a collaboration, please get in touch via the Contact Me page. 

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About Me

Hi, I’m Alex Stratikis, founder of Autism Adventures Abroad.  I’m a 20-something travel blogger, Instagrammer, travel writer and blogger and I just happen to be autistic too.

I was inspired to start my blog and establish this website with the intention of sharing my own story in the hopes of encouraging other autistic people to take up traveling. I could never have imagined that my life would turn out the way it has!

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